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The Help button on the home page will guide you with the functionality of the Gladstone Regional Council Online Mapping site.

Features available on the Online Mapping site include searches by:

  • Street Name
  • Street Address
  • Lot on Plan
  • Park Names
  • Rivers & Creek Names

Detailed information will be available for viewing:

  • 1m & 5m Contours
  • Water Services
  • Sewer Services
  • Stormwater Pipes
  • Easements
  • Aerial Photography
  • General Waste collection days and a link to Recycle collection calendar
  • Q100 - 1 in 100 Flood Line

Printing A4 landscape maps is available for your convenience.
Map prints can include labels for Roads, Parks, and Waterway names, Contour Maps and locations of properties, roads and council services.

Storm Tide Evacuation Zone Mapping Instructions

To determine if your property lies within the nationally recognised Storm Tide Evacuation Zones of the Gladstone Region please follow the below steps:-

Step 1             Select the ‘Evacuation Zones’ Icon above and click ‘Proceed to Maps’.

Step 2             Conduct a query using your street address within the ‘Queries’ tab at the top of the mapping tool.

Step 3             To find out your evacuation zone number- look for ‘Storm Tide Evacuation Zones’ heading in the information column on the left.
                        To view the 'Evacuation Map' - click the URL link.

NOTE:            If no reference to Storm Tide Evacuation Zone is displayed, your property does not fall in the nationally recognised storm tide zones.       

Additional Feature

Within the ‘Legend’ tab in the top bar of the mapping tool, you can turn ‘Evacuation Zones (Storm Tide)’ layers on and off.